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Green Products in Saint John – an Environment-friendly Way to Stay Warm

If you’re looking for an environmental friendly way to meet your heating requirements, we’ve got just the right products for you. At Alternatives, we offer our customers a number of eco-friendly products also known as Green Products. Contact Saint John’s heating experts today.

Our biomass burning products include wood and pellet that are made from waste materials such as compacted sawdust. These renewable energy sources that we carry, burn with high-efficiency ratings and minimal emissions. It’s a win-win result, as you can enjoy that classy look of a fireplace while contributing to the environment. Call us to learn more.


Kamado Joe®'s produce smokers/BBQs that burn natural lump charcoal, a renewable source of energy. When you are finished cooking, you can starve the smoker of oxygen, which saves the remaining charcoal for the next time. 

Did you know that the Saber® Propane BBQ would reduce your propane consumption by 30%? Yes, that’s correct. So, it makes sense to go for the one that’s easy on your wallet and the environment. Saber® has a patented infrared cooking system that directs heat directly to the cooking surface. So, you’ll see an even temperature and no flare-ups.

Come to Us For Your Hearth Needs

From stoves, fireplaces and BBQ grills to eco-friendly and electric heating products, we stock, sell, and service them all!

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