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Electric Inserts, Electric Stoves, and Electric Fireplaces in Saint John

If you are considering having an electric fireplace or a stove, we can help you with that. Alternatives stocks top-quality electric inserts, electric stoves, and electric fireplaces in Saint John. However, there are some aspects you need to consider before proceeding any further. Fortunately, most of them are advantageous, but there is one concern that you might want to reflect on.

Advantages of Using Electric Fireplaces

  • A wide selection of mantels available

  • Electric fireplaces are permitted where other hearth units may not be permitted, such as high rises or condos

  • It’s simple and straightforward to operate

  • You can relocate electric units to different locations, very conveniently

  • It’s very economical to operate – we now buy Factory Direct

  • You won’t have to spend on a chimney or installation costs as you can plug it into a regular wall outlet

  • It’s possible to operate flame with or without heat

  • You can enjoy realistic log designs and flame designs

  • Zone heating – you can enjoy the heat in the room that needs it

Disadvantage of Using Electric Fireplaces

  • Your electric fireplace won’t operate during a power outage

If your decision is to go for an electric heating system, then you have to decide on whether it will be a fireplace, a media console, or a wall mount. At Alternatives, we stock, sell and install quality products from Dimplex® and Amantii Electric Fireplaces. You can overview the salient features of the products by clicking on their logos. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. And, once you’ve done your research, visit our shop.

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Amantii Electric Fireplaces

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